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    Oklahoma Space Boy

    This photo was taken in 1957.

    The boy in the space suit was chosen to model the suit for the even shown on the poster.
    "Yes, the fishbowl helmet was uncomfortable and I had to use one hand to hold it on. I had a "real" space helmet but its faceplate was half silvered plastic so you couldn't see my face if I wore it. Don't know who cooked up the costume but it looks a lot like the outfit "3D Danny" (Danny Williams) wore on his afternoon kids show at the time. The boots are regular red galoshes but in B&W you can't really tell. I never met the cute young lady before or since the photo shoot. I think she was a year or two older than I. 
    The Big Arrows to Atoms tower in the background is still there at the OKC fair ground but now mounted atop a huge tower ride. Amazing how little has changed there in 50 years."

    Found at Shorpy 


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