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    Harvard Export Beer

    A little background on a bygone beer.

    "Harvard Brewing was in business from 1893-1920 and again after Prohibition from 1933 to 1956. It was founded as Consumer's Brewing Company in Lowell, Massachusetts. The first barrels of their beer were made in April of 1894 and were aged and ready for the market in June. The official start of business was marked by a formal opening with the company's employees and stockholders enjoying entertainment provided by an orchestra, lots of German and American food and, of course, free beer.

    During the brewery's early years, a majority of the workers were German immigrants. Keeping their European traditions, in 1896 they formed the United Brewery Workmen of the U.S.A. The union was one of the first in the nation to win an eight hour workday and helped maintain excellent working conditions and benefits for its members. The union workers also built a community meeting place, Der Deutsche Halle (the German Hall) across from the brewery. It was used for union gatherings, local cultural events, and company functions."

    This bottle is circa 1940

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