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    The Kim Sisters

    The Kim Sisters were a South Korean trio who made their career in the United States during the late 50's and throughout the 60's.

    Starting in 1953, with their mother's/aunt's encouragement and to support their family after they lost everything during a bombing, the sisters sang western tunes to the troops who would donate records for the sisters to memorize. The sisters received candy and beer which were then exchanged for food.  The GIs that returned to the States spread word about the talented trio.  Tom Ball, heard about the sisters from one of the returning GIs. Ball went to Korea to see the sisters and secured a contract through the Kim's mother. Before departing Korea, their mother advised them to learn playing instruments.  They played at various casinos in Las Vegas and ultimately made an appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. 

    Here is a picture of the Kim Sisters while appearing on the Dean Martin Show.

    Below is a 1962 promotion poster for a show at the Copa in Atlanta.

    And here is a video of the Kim Sisters.


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